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Multi-services & Consultancy LLC

Welcomes you!

Are you looking for Temps or Associates who will get to work on time, be eager to learn, be committed to duties, get the job done, and provide quality cleaning and housekeeping services for your business, organization, or company? If yes, you have no reason to look somewhere else but to K-SAM. Just one call or email, and we will be right there by your side. K-SAM is getting involved in agriculture activities to contribute to the food chain of Indiana; and also provides many other services for your convenience, check our services page for more details.


Tel: (+1) 317-610-3250  Ext. 3250

Cell: (+1) 317-666-2832 / 317-292-7336

         317-640-0625 / 317-602-9199

Associate Processes

Ready to get the job done!


Ready to contribute to the food chain of Indiana!

Cleaning Equipments

Cleaning is our passion!

Dependable Workforce Staffing, Agriculture Activities & Cleaning Services

K-SAM also provides other essential and valuable services. You can view those services under the service button; and if you are interested in any, you can book by clicking the "book online" button at the top of the page or click on the "Start Now" button below.

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